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MDR 10 – About Remarriage in The Bible pt.I

Re-Marriage IIWe have actually reach 9 parts of the MDR series, and the 10th is coming here. It means we have covered some ground, both of matrimonial contract and divorce. What I see we haven’t cover so much is remarriage, as we now are going to take a closer look at, what the Bible is telling us about this question. Let me first put some light on some peoples mind and thoughts of what they use to come around this questions about remarriage.  Continue reading MDR 10 – About Remarriage in The Bible pt.I

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MDR 9 – 4 Reason For Divorce

Marriage abuse IIIn a previous post I mentioned that divorce means ‘the procedure defined in the law of Moses.’ This means that there are reasons for taking out a divorce since there is a procedure for it.

Christians today accept that the Bible permits divorce for adultery, but they often believe that it does not allow divorce for other reasons such as physical or mental violence; when a man withholds money from his wife, stopping her from going out; or when a wife neglects the children and let them go dirty and hungry, keeping money back from the husband or psyching him out.

When one hears these things happen and does not find passages that literally looks at it as ‘burning child or spouse with cigarette, throw spouse down the stairs or pounding theirs head into the wall’, this has not led to other than confused and worried Christians because they conclude that God is not interested in such things; these problems do not seem to touch his heart – but why?

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