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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Have you ever been suspicious and finally seen that there was not the way you thought it was? I think so. I hope this story can do something about us and what we do with our neighbor. I have been suspicious against others for no reason. But when the love came, the suspicion didn’t bite so deep anymore and I became free.

The story has a valuable lessons in itself. It teach that things are not always as we think it is, and is better to live a life without always being suspicious.

A small group of men was eating lunch at a private golf club. All, except one who was a guest, was members of the club. The guest was a friend with one of the members.

When they had finished their meal, drew one of them up a very rare coin out of his pocket that he had recently purchased. With excitement he glowed while he passed the coin around the table and every man admired the coin when they had it in their hand and hear the story behind it.

The owner of the coin told that this was the only coin of its kind in existence, and he bought it for half the price of what it was worth.

Suddenly, the coin disappear. «What happened to it», asked the owner. Each man swore that he had given the coin to its neighbor. The last man who should have kept it refused to have receive it at all, and no one could tell where it was.

A hasty search was made, they drawn the chairs away from the table, the cloth was turned back, and every man stood up. But after 15 minutes of frantic search, there was nothing else to look. The coin was gone.

– «Someone here must have taken it» exclaimed the owner, and his face turned red. Then one of the men suggest them all should be investigated. «I offer my self first» he said. Every man at the table expressed their willingness to be examined, except of one man – and he was not a member of the club. He was the guest.

“I will not be investigated,” he declared. “I have not stolen the coin, so why should I be exposed to such indignity?» A storm of protests rise. «Why should not he be willing, if all the others was that?» Guests shook his head, but he did not care what the others did or said. And he defied anyone to put a hand in his pocket. Then another man said: «There is only one thing left to do. No one leave this table until the police arrive.»

A waiter, who stood near the table had something in his head. He noticed that there was no pepper on one of the other tables. So he stepped forth to the table where all the controversy was, and asked to borrow pepper from their table. When he lifted the pepper, he find the coin that was missing, to everyone’s shock.

The controversy was over.

The owner of the coin now went to the guest and asked: «Why were you so stubborn to be examined? Why you refused? What was it that was so dangerous?»

The guest breathed a sigh of relief and said:
«First, nobody would have believed me, especially because I kept quiet in the beginning. Second, the fact is that I am also a coin collector. And the coin you have is not the only one in existence. It is a copy that I bought two weeks ago in Paris. I thought mine was the only one at the time. I brought it here today to show you all this coin. It is in my pocket right now. But I didn’t say anything about it because I did not want to lessen your enthusiasm. . . Now, who would have believed what I just said 10 minutes ago?»

Each suspicious member of the group looked at each other with regret in his eyes.

Things are not always what they seem to be. It is better to rely on, even if sometimes we’re wrong, than to live our lives in the suspicion and accusations.

Love does not think the worst about others, it always think the best.


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