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Re-launch of frankie’s

Screen Shot q&aNot that this re-launch need to be a big and beautiful event, with cakes, soda and balloons, but personally I am relieved to present my website frankie’s again, for both old and new visitors. And I hope it can be of help and joy for you too.

So what’s new?

Well, you wouldn’t see much new in the design, because for the most part that is new is “under the hood”. I have made the website more flexible to make it easier to include more of the things I have in plans. One of the things is, that the website now appears in both Norwegian and English. Secondly, and as it already is display in the banner, inside the page, it will soon be a questions & answers section. 

BIBLiBlog (this blog) has been a place where I have posted much of what I write, while I have been working on frankie’s. BIBLiBlog will remain as the blog it have been although frankie’s is re-launched, but at frankie’s, you will eventually be able to download articles and hopefully a some study tool. This is certainly my wish and I hope it is possible to get there.

Here at BIBLiBlog it has been much written about the book of Revelation, I am fully aware of it, and the reason is probably that it was one of the major shifts that have happened to me, and how God really was involved. But of course it will not just be about Revelation. I’ll be posting about other stuff that’s in the Bible too, and if you have a suggestion of what to write about, or other questions, they are all welcome.

Why do I have such a website?

Not to make my own church, or to do something big in human eyes, at least, but …

The website is the result of a special meeting I had with God at a prayer center in Levanger back in aug. 29-2007. (Soon you can read this story at frankie’s). After this incident, much was new for me even though I had been saved for 10 years, and I was left with three (3) questions that have worked within me since then;

  1. Where have I been for the last 10 years as a Christian?
  2. Have I been saved, or born again?
  3. What preaching I have sat under, when it does not fit with this revelation?

I felt to study the Bible more, I was simply curious to read. Not all of what I had previously been taught, fit with the revelation I had, so I began to thirst after the truth. I couldn’t just blindly trust anything that came from the pulpit, and shout «HALLELUJAH!» every time I felt something good come from the preacher. Nor could I, in good conscience without knowing the truth behind it, respond to the pastor or the preacher, who now and then was saying, «and the church said …?», With an «Amen.» This is how I learn myself to let the Scripture interpret the Scripture, more than what I thought about things, and what others thought of it.

I began to note down lot of what I read, studied and thought about what I was reading. I also got a need to share it with others.

“Woe to those who call evil for good and good for evil, those who put darkness rather than light, light instead of darkness, those who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” (Jes.5: 20).  

Screen Shot of frankies

frankie’s became a place where I could trow my thoughts and writings, but not just for myself. I would like everyone, both those who already are saved and also the unsaved, to have benefits from my writings as well, although my writings may not be the most well-written. But my desire is for you to get the depth and the truth of the Scripture.

So take a look at frankie’s, and get to know the site. “Like” frankie’s on facebook too, and get know when i.e. the Q & A section will come and other stuff, and tell me what you think.

Frank Carlsen

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