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The Blood Moon Theology

blood moon tetrad 2014_15

Yes, it’s time again for the “end-time prophets” to announce about some obvious natural phenomena which will come again and again… and again, as a sign of major traumatic things that will happen either to Israel or the whole world. In this days it’s the “Blood Moon” which is trendy, and John Hagee is maybe the one who shouts loudest in the “prophecy-chorus” about the blood moon.

John Hagee, one of the major voice within Bood Moon Theology/Prophecy/divination and is author of “Four Blood moon,” a book on the New York Times best seller list (Do not waste your money by buing the book, the explanation is as follows).

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Revelation pt. 4 – Babylon the Great

“And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” (Rev. 11:8). 

I flinched, it was like some thrown a bucket of ice water over me and I froze. I looked down in the Bible and read the verse again … «Yes, it is actually there,» I said to myself. I turn the pages frantically until I find a confirmation. «Yes, there it says …» “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” The Holly Spirit shaken me vigorously and it was as if you had thrown rocks at the kitchen window and freezes when the window shatters and you realize you’ve done something wrong.

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Eschatology in the Bible 2: Hole in end-time teaching

No foundation in a hole

In my last post we was in Matthew 24 and you saw what time frame Jesus speak in and what time frame the prophecy he gives in, specifically the first century before the year 70 AD. We will not let go of Matthew 24 completely yet, but bring it along with couple of other passages to see the gaps or “holes” that are added to the end-time question, to let it fit into a system. Forcing something into a system is also called Procrustes method, or bring something into a prokrustesbed, as Pentecostals and other evangelical use (Prokrustesbed = To put something on prokrustesbed is to exercise violence against the reality of getting it to fit in their system. Thus, the system scale, and not reality).  Continue reading Eschatology in the Bible 2: Hole in end-time teaching

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Eschatology in the Bible 1: The Timeframe in Matthew 24

Tonight is the meeting … Our guest speacher  is… Topic: “The battle for Jerusalem, the coming of the Lord”, says the ads at the churches today. Another site was the subject; – “End of Time, The Coming of Times.” Do they really know what will happend in the future? It is clear that “the end time” theme  is on the agenda … again, and I will join. Not to be the one that screams out to scare people to use my car and my mac when I have go to heavens, but to give you a picture of God’s plan. Read more and get into the serie of “Eschatology in the Bible”