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Israel – Interpretation and Abraham Covenant

Jupp, I’m back on the blog as I have missed. There has been some hectic day here in the Philippines from establishing some money to give out Bibles to new believers (who do not have Bibles) to speak at La Salle University in Manila who took a lot of preparation and a helping hand to a “small” pastor, (which is larger than Most pastors I’ve met), near Manila landfill. And in between, and also important — an introvert also need to have some time to recharge the social batteries too.

Previous post regarding Israel Israel – Carnal or Spiritual? , if the hope of Israel was spiritual or carnal, and although many answers should be obvious already, is it still some Christians who do carnal works to promote what they believe in, namely that Israel as a state today is promised by God to the Jews, and that “their presence in their ancient land is a reminder to us of God’s faithfulness to his promises that are fulfilled before our eyes.” [Quoted from the introduction of a Norwegian book “The Dream of Messiah,” by David Østby and Joseph Østby]. Continue reading Israel – Interpretation and Abraham Covenant

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Revelation pt. 4 – Babylon the Great

“And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” (Rev. 11:8). 

I flinched, it was like some thrown a bucket of ice water over me and I froze. I looked down in the Bible and read the verse again … «Yes, it is actually there,» I said to myself. I turn the pages frantically until I find a confirmation. «Yes, there it says …» “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” The Holly Spirit shaken me vigorously and it was as if you had thrown rocks at the kitchen window and freezes when the window shatters and you realize you’ve done something wrong.

Continue reading Revelation pt. 4 – Babylon the Great

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Our inner Decoration

Did you know that you are God’s temple? Did you know that God’s Spirit lives in you? Did you know that if anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him;
…for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple?
[1. Corinthians 3:16-17].

If you didn’t know this, I tell you that you actually are God’s temple, His precious one. I encourage you to let Him build the temple He likes in you, and you will never regret.

If you are not God’s temple, or to say it in another way, not saved for heaven, I encourage you to receive Jesus Christ and as your savior, God’s begotten Son, and receive the Holy Spirit who build the temple in you.

Let me write some verses from the scriptures who explain for you what kind of building you are and what decoration you will get: Continue reading Our inner Decoration

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Holy Communion With The Lord

I’ve experienced a lot with God since I became saved, in fact I have experienced God even before I was saved too, but that will be another story.

Here I want to share an event that surpasses anything I have experienced with Him, when He cleared my heart totally and gave me a new landscape. This happened when I was alone in a room at the Prayer Center in Levanger Sept. 29, 2007, after a time of anxiety and depression, yes I was simply burned out of many things.

This event was sort of greater experience for me than the time when I was saved, or the time I said yes to Jesus. It may sound strange, when there was celebration in heaven, and angels blowing balloons and singing when I was saved. Yes, I joined the party at that time too and it was of course a day when all starts in a way.

I want this story to show that God reach you when you are alone, too. Show that it’s not depends on our performance that He loves us, but we can be allowed to be completely ourselves with all the shortcomings we have, come to God.

God’s presence was so powerful and it cleared up the channel that He want to use to reach me … and he wants to do it with you too.
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